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apologizing for all of 'us'...

posted Jan 6, 2010, 8:47 AM by Jayne Bak   [ updated Jan 6, 2010, 12:40 PM ]

let it be said that those of us who cook without recipes are probably just not aware of the frustration we cause others when we say, "there is no recipe"  "use whatever amount seems right" and "just use what you have/like"

we don't understand why it's not encouraging to everyone to think that no constraints exist when recipes are not present - in our minds, the opposite view about recipes is true for us...

you think, "i need a recipe..."
we think, "don't tell me what i can & can't do..."

you think, "i don't have that ingredient, i need to get to the store..."
we think, "what else can i use...?"

you think (probably like it's an adventure), "where is the recipe for...?" 
we think, "finding that recipe is too much work...!"

it's not that we intend to give others headaches, horde our secrets, or set people up for failure - it's that we think that having to get the recipe out is already enough burden to not want to cook a simple meal for the family - for some of us, the recipe sort of wrecks the experience, and, if you can be 'set free' from a dependence on recipes, we think it will be more fun for you as well!

however, the reality is, the lack of recipes (items AND amounts) means some people won't even attempt to make a dish they like because they are too overwhelmed by the idea of guessing, etc.  

this has forced me to ask, "is there a better way...?"   i think there is...