hosting a cooking party at your home requests a minimum of 4 people for the party to take place - less than four people means the best option is to change to organizing a party

arrange a date
view dates available by month: calendar
and contact:

choose a theme
roasted garlic
spices & herbs
deep-dish pizza
everything's better w/chocolate
suggest/consider optional themes

recruit others
jayne will help you create an email link that allows your party recruits to get info and sign-up online

note to host:
parties hosted outside the baks' require a minimum paid equivalent to four participants

if cancellation occurs more than 48 hrs. prior to the event, the initial host deposit ($40) will be transfered as credit to another event

if cancellation is less than 48 hrs. prior to event,
the initial host deposit ($40) will not be refunded - any other prepayments will have the option of full refund, or transfer as credit to another event